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The Importance of Detoxification

Most people are exposed to a constant flow of low level toxins everyday because of our environments.  Pollution from urban areas and vehicle exhaust significantly degrade our air quality.  Chemical preservatives may help the food to last in a cross country trip but do nothing but add to the toxin count in our bodies once ingested.  Even our water supplies fall victim to chemical and environmental contaminants.  

Experts believe that 25% of Americans suffer some degree of heavy-metal poisoning from years of exposure.  The symptoms of heavy metal poisoning can be mistaken for common health conditions.  For instance, mercury poisoning displays the same symptoms of PMS or depression.  Even simple conditions like loss of energy and mood swings may be over looked but are also tell tale signs of heavy metal poisoning.  Sadly many of us are already suffering from these conditions without even understanding the root cause of the problem being from heavy metals in our bodies.

In the United States, 77% of all new cancer cases are found in people over the age of 55.  Many doctors believe that this number is attributed to constant building of toxins in our bodies, starting from before our birth.  A 2005 study found 287 industrial chemicals in the umbilical cord of newborns.  180 and of those chemicals have been know to cause cancer.  These toxins are held in our cells and compiled days after day, steadily putting more of a burden on our bodies.

The effects of this slow heavy metal poisoning disturb our body’s functions, namely our pH balance.  This is important because our pH balance has a direct correlation to the occurrence of cancerous cells.  Cancer cells can not live in an alkaline environment but thrive in an acidic environment.  Heavy metal poisoning pushes the body toward acidosis (an acid state of the body).  Imagine your body starts perfectly balanced but day after day, a spec of sand is added to one side of the scale.  That is what is happening to all of us everyday and the cumulative effect can be devastating.

acidosisgood cycle

This is why diet alone will not bring someone to a balanced or alkaline state. You have to remove the toxins that are modifying our body’s pH to the acidic side of the scale.  Because we are loaded with toxins and exposed to even more toxins everyday, it is a tremendous up hill battle to get to a balanced state without detoxification.  Imagine running a race at 5mph with the finish line continuously extending by 3mph.  You would eventually get there but you would have to work twice as hard.  That is what it is like when you move to an alkaline diet without detoxification, you work twice as hard to get to that point and work extremely hard to stay there.  Detoxification is a way of resetting the scale.

There are many detoxifiers on the market that effectively pull the toxins and heavy metals out of the cells.  The problem with some of these products is that they re-expose and overload the body with all of the exiting toxins, causing side effects and sickness.  This is commonly called a “healing crisis” and can be quite troublesome. Of all the detoxification products that we have reviewed, supplemental zeolite powder has a record of pulling out heavy metals and toxins with no healing crisis or any other side effects.  The characteristics of this mineral (molecular cage structure and a negative charge) allow it to attract heavy metals and toxins to it and trap those toxins in it's cage while the molecule travels out of the system.  Therefore, the body is never re-exposed to the toxins being removed. This is one of the most effective detox products on the market and it is overwhelmingly safe to take as a daily supplement. The great news is that Zeolite also increases alkalinity and balances the pH in the body, effectively being a unique cancer fighter.

As with any supplement on the market, there are many copy cats and less effective products out there. We recommend the original Zeolite supplement manufacturer who has the most pure and effective Zeolite products that we have found. The name of the company is ZEO Health Ltd. They have the Zeolite in capsules (Destroxin) or in a more economical bulk powder form (Zeolite Pure). You can get to them by clicking here.

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Key Points on Detoxification

  • Our food & water sources are compromised by environmental contaminants
  • Many people suffer to some degree of acidosis
  • 77% of all cancer diagnosis made in the US are to people 55 or older
  • Our bodies will retain toxins for years without detoxification
  • alkaline diets may not be as effective without detoxification
  • Some detox programs cause a "healing crisis"
  • Powdered Zeolite supplement prove to detox with no healing crisis or other side effects


Importance of a balanced pH

Blood cells have more space when the body is in an alkaline condition, allowing your blood to move freely throughout the body carrying more oxygen, giving you a more energized feeling.


Cancer Facts
The National Cancer Society estimated that there were 11.1 million Americans with a history of cancer.  That number is expected to reach 20 million by 2030